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the governor actual ly makes the cal and requests their assistance. there could be an expanded role for the states. and i'll give you an example. after katrina, new york national guard people went down to the gulf to help. we don't have a mechanism to coordinate interstate help where one state can help the others. it's largely ad hoc. you call up a governor and say if you need something. there is where the states can play a larger role. >> you heard the reporter shouting questions to the governor. he has been asked many, many times and he does not say what his position is on fema. one of the reasons is because he has talked about cutting domestic spending dramatically but has not towelly said here is what would happen to fema. he hasn't spelled out his position on fema. >> under a romney administration, f mechlt a will be dramatically and drastically cut. and this kind of disaster demonstrates why we need a very strong federal response. the big difference between democrats and republicans. >> you're not looking at it right now. >> there will be billions of dollars poured from the go
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Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)